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Claim the full compensation you deserve on a NO WIN NO FEE agreement.

If you are injured as a result of a vehicle accident, slip, trip or fall contact us for maximum compensation.

No two accidents are the same and we understand you have unique needs; that is why we take the time to understand your case.  We act on behalf of drivers, motorcyclists, passengers, cyclists, pedestrians and other road users in recovering compensation money for injuries and financial losses.  You receive advice from one of our expert and helpful staff.  This ensures your case is efficiently concluded.

Help and Advice

Injuries after a road traffic accident vary from minor injuries to broken bones, post-traumatic stress, amputation, whiplash and catastrophic brain and spinal injuries.  We understand each injury presents different problems that require precise solutions.  Our team of experts have individual areas of speciality to help deal with problems relevant to your injury.
We will also advise you if the person who has caused the accident is uninsured or if the accident has been caused by someone who cannot be traced or identified.
We can help with the more challenging issues that can result from a road traffic accident e.g. accidents abroad, accidents involving foreign vehicles, uninsured/untraced negligent motorists, etc.
We can organise a “like for like” hire car/motorbike/van to be delivered to you.
We can arrange for recovery of your vehicle from the accident scene and storage (pending inspection).
We recover the damage or loss of vehicle that has been caused.
We recover any loss of earnings and other out of pocket expenses such as policy excess.
We assist with your rehabilitation (physiotherapy, X-rays, MRI Scans, CBT).
We will ensure that your injuries are assessed by quality medico legal experts.

In addition, we are able to advise on ensuring you do not have to personally pay our firm’s costs (e.g. No Win No Fee).  From the beginning of your claim to its successful conclusion, we believe in keeping you informed, reassured and free from unnecessary worries.

We will never persuade you to pursue hopeless claims, charge unexpected or hidden costs or take the bulk of your compensation at the end of the claim.

Please contact us to discuss your potential claim.

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